Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight?

no, not at all. If it were "infatuation at first sight" then, probably yes. Appearance catches the attention, not the heart so never mistake love for admiration. :)

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

hey i felt happy when you gave those detailed instructions on rendering. thanks. i think ill buy a new prang watercolor set. mine's already used up and messy, anyway, thanks.

oh hey no biggie :D i'm not actually sure if that was much of a help. Haha try looking at some tutorials @ deviantart. They're pretty helpful :D hahaha dont't worry, mine's pretty messy as well XD

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prod Colored Shirt Design

not sure whether or not to push through with this design :)
tools used: color pencils and ballpoint pen

Photography Prelim Plate. :))

in case you're wondering, yup that is me. hahaha

i remember posing in for the camera right outside Leo's house (near the activity center/clubhouse) and everyone was just staring.and I was like "Yuck Leo nakakahiya may tao!" and i'd go on and on about it until i finally gain my composure and start taking a "decent enough" photo. it was a struggle though. lying on the grass while people walking by gaze at you for doing so. hahaha. :))

photos by Leo
edit by me ♥


current comic project I'm working on. ♥



HELLO KITTY. ♥ (finished: January 12, 2011)

im finally done with it. haha. im considering this probably as my first decent digital work. still not outstanding but im getting used to the medium :)

got the "domo kitty" concept from my brother's classmate. haha

my initial sketch on paper:

my version of her 2 years ago: :)) ♥

program: Corel Painter X
Art by Me ♥

Shirt Design for Prod.

photo by ivanana ♥
these are just a couple of stuff i did in Prod class :) shirt printing using silkscreen was actually hella fun :D